Blues and Greens

I love shades of blues and greens. Langwell inside can be described as mostly in blues and greens, and certainly reflects the blues and greens of our summers.  My new kitchen (2014) cabinets are dark charcoal blue. Most of my ceramics are the blue and green colours I favour. Last spring I was in Washington DC and visited The Phillips Collection The High Pasture by Julian Alden Weir with my mother.  The collection is magnificent and I can’t wait to go back.  I of course bought some books in the museum shop and one that took my fancy and was intended as a gift for my daughter called COLORSTROLOGY What Your Birthday Color Says about You.  My Birthday is December 15th and the color corresponding with this day is called BLUE HEAVEN!  The book even lists the PANTONE 17-4023.  I am tempted to paint a wall in Langwell this color, however I prefer white walls as Langwell is eclectic in nature with colour (mostly blues and greens)!  The photo of my open shelves in the kitchen de-cluttered during a rainy day one weekend.  The wine glasses are from Pier One and the blue grey cups and bowls are from a local artist here in Orkney.


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