Langwell Winter

Winters at Langwell are long nights and short days, with wind and the house fires burning night and day to stay warm and cozy. We have a 6 kW multi-fuel stove that as been with the house I am sure about 30 years, it has warmed us well. This winter of 2017 has been the mildest since we have arrived, and has lulled us into an expectation that our spring and summer will be as good or better than just passed. So far Langwell has had lovely sunny days with no wind, it has been dry and walks with LouLou have been easy up on the hills in the heather. Winter really has not arrived like in the rest of the Scotland or the UK. I prefer the dramatic changes due to climate change – dare I say it! I have been adapting my home and embracing the Danish Hygge trends. After tea, its lights out and lots of candles in red glass voltive candle holders, creating that intimate warm fuzzy feeling. We put our feet up in warm slippers and blankets with the fire going and watch a bit if TV. The Crown on Netflix has been well watched. Lulee the cat and LouLou our golden vying for a place on the couch with my husband, and one or both of my daughters. Not much room for me! but I love the setting as it should be.

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