Orkney Hygge

Staycation Hygge!  I have not done a staycation in awhile and boy am I lucky as February this year is gorgeous!  Light winds between 8-11 C°!  Lambs in the green fields, which in certain areas are still holding mini ponds of the past rainy weather.  Geese honking and seas calm.  I still see a ridge of snow on top of Hoy.Hoy snow ridge Feb 2019

Magnificent eh!  So what will bring Hygge into this picture?  A warm delicious bath – outside!  Yes we got a hot tub!  We rented from Orkney Hot Tubs for 3 weeks!  It was delivered last night and we expect the water temperature to be perfect 41 degrees around lunchtime!  Additionally to this the Welshman has made a bone broth in the slow cooker for 24 hours for us to sip on outside.  So warm inside and out!  On a day like today this will be luxury at Langwell!

I love staycations and hygge concepts because its about self -care and family. I know I don’t do enough of the self care.  So this staycation will be about self-care.  My staycation began 2 days ago and of course I was focused on my personal to do list, that’s ok as long as I scheduled me time.   So creation of a staycation hygge checklist is what I created a week ago to make sure I had all I truly needed to create the space for rest and rejuvenation of my spirit, mind, and health.

Here is my Orkney staycation hygge checklist:

Spirit – daily meditation – M Word.  If you don’t know about the M Word you should.  MindValley.com has the course developed by Emily Fletcher.  She is not your typical meditation teacher – she is more relevant and brings meditation to a new level for me.  Every morning I start my day with the M Word.   Embedded in the M Word is daily gratification, which softens and warms my soul.

Mind – my books by my bedside and devouring at the moment – The 5am Club by Robin Sharma, The Enlightened Gardner by Sydney Banks and Becoming Michelle Obama by well yes Michelle Obama.  The 5 am Club is a twist on self help in its a story about a personal mastery methodology that Robin Sharma is on about.  He also wrote the book The Monk who Sold his Ferrari, if you have read this then you should know what you are in for.  This story is fantastical – Billionaire sweeps two beleaguered lost souls (in a private jet) to Mauritius and teaches them the 5 am daily philosophy on becoming legendary.  Sounds cool right!  The Enlighted Gardner  is a story about a group of 4 psychologists who learn from a soulful gardener while attending a psychology conference, somewhere in England.  And third, reading Becoming Michelle Obama has really created a new one-way connection with a woman I immensely admire.  Her story growing up in Chicago and her personal and career trajectory is fascinating.

Health – I have been on / off a programme called Naturally Slim.  I have a hard time funnily enough listening to the founder of Naturally Slim, an RN from Dallas.  Its more her tone then anything, but her theory of eating only when hungry really hungry and eating slowly (25 minutes!) makes sense to me.  I still have issues with wanting sugar, my cookies and dark chocolate cravings, so my weight loss has not been as extreme as I thought.  The Welshman has started water fasting, he has dropped 25 pounds in 12 days.  I know, I know sounds extreme and dangerous, but he has researched , has a coach, and seen a doctor.  He said first 2 days the most difficult but after that its a doddle.  Physically, I have scheduled daily walks with LouLou and classes at my community centre.  So far,  I did a spin class, Zumba, and today is yoga.  I love yoga but I have had issues with arthritis in my thumb joints and so any asanas with weight on my wrists is just painful.  I hope that my new wrist supports will help!

My staycation is 6 days and I am on day 3.  So far I am in bliss and feeling relaxed as if I was on a beach in Mauritius with a billionaire!  Even if its on my patio in a hot tub with the Welshman!  Love, Peace and Health from Living Well Always at Langwell!


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