LouLou’s Puppies

My gorgeous Golden has had her first litter.  Five puppies born on January 31st with the first drop  at 10:40pm.  The Welshman and I stayed up till the early morning as we lovingly helped to clean up and get the puppies airways cleared.  All in all 2 girls and 3 boys.  Unfortunately, we lost wee Max the next night, poor boy had a cleft palate and he would have suffered.  Now we have 4 furry bundles 2 girls and 2 boys.  Lexi and Lola, Luther and Sully, in order of birth.  The firLou soft Loust week was exhausting just watching making sure they were latching on and gaining weight, keeping a watchful eye on LouLou in case she suffered ‘postpartum depression’  It happens!  As grandpuppy parents we have settled into a routine, its just feeding and sleeping, that’s the Welshman, LouLou and me have busy days!

LouLou has been a wonderful momma and she practices ‘self care’ as in I am nursing them and getting out of the whelping box. (did you know a Rice University English professor and smartest man I ever met did not know this word!)  Anyhoo, LouLou knows when enough’s enough and lays down in living room until she hears their hungry squeaks.   The Welshman has spent the last couple of days rigging up a webcam so we can watch their movements.  I find this a bit over the top as I was not the kind of mom that had a camera on my daughters when they were little.  I had very acute hearing though!

The puppies are well loved by our youngest daughter who I find in mornings instead of on her ipad, in the whelping box holding and talking to the puppies.  She loves each one but favors Luther, which is probably a good sign as I think that is the one we will end up keeping.   But if I had my way I would keep them all! Our eldest is at university and so jealous she can’t be home to play with them.  She is making a special trip home so she can see them OR maybe that’s to see her boyfriend? hmmmm…

I started a private FaceBook group called LouLou’s puppies and invited friends and family to watch our live feeds, pictures and their growth charts.  They have all done very well.  The hardest,  hardest part will be giving the 3 up.  When we knew LouLou was preggers our friend sent out an announcement on her FB site and within hours we had  30 people interested.    That number has decreased to the very serious, and those who have been following the puppies are, I know, the ones we want her pups to go to forever homes.   I feel very blessed to have a home full of puppies right now.  Best Valentines Day Ever!


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