It must be the weather!  I have sheep on the brain.  It started with a memory of a pillow my mother had that sat on the back of the sofa in our den.  It had 7 sheep in a row embroidered on it.  I would make up stories about those sheep while watching TV with my parents.  Asking my mother 50 years later if she still had this pillow she sent me this picture!  

Henrietta her cat, provides the scale.  When I met the Welshman he took me to Wales to meet his family.  This was in 1997.  We landed at Gatwick, rented a Merc and drove in comfort to Pembrokeshire.  We both love Led Zepplin, so while listening to Houses of the Holy driving through the Elan Valley, sheep dotted all over the hills, it was tranquil and picturesque.  However, I could not help it, in my best sheep baaing voice…I said Niiiiiiigel, Niiiiiigeeel, weeeeelllcome hooom Niiiiiigeeel…hitting the comedic timing perfectly…the Welshman of course said something crass.  We stopped at tiny Welsh towns and I found three ceramic sheep from a local artist that I purchased to seal in this memory.  Now living in Orkney we of course see sheep everyday and March /April is lambing season.  I have bought more sheep art from local artists here in Orkney too…the picture below is of my wee sheep collection.


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