Land and Home

The Welshman and I spoke to a dear friend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming today.  She has been living there since 1996, where she has raised two lovely daughters.  I have admired Fi since we met and became fast friends while working out at sea, as doodlebuggers!  Our lives took different paths, but like two mismatched socks, we find our match when we get to see each other.  Fi also put us onto a piece of land in Alpine Wyoming.  We bought it in 2001 if I recall, to hold a small inheritance I received for my eldest daughter and her education.  I have always thought we would build on this land and retire in Wyoming!  I had ‘dream designed’ the look of the house and imagined our daughter visiting with friends.  The dream plays out after a day skiing, the Welshman would have a fire in my retro 60’s fireplace.  Check this Lancer Malm fireplace from Pintrest I just pinned.    

I love the shape and the wide wrap around effect of the heat.  I can see this in my head and heart.  We would be having wine and playing scrabble with these college kids, laughing and loving it! But wait we diverged!   I have a stove that radiates warmth, my teenager is not in Uni yet! But the dream house sits on some valuable land that we are now going to put on the market and help to finance the second phase of Langwell and yes I hope to have a Lancer in the new addition….but first Uni, then the build!  Thank you Fi for inspiring me to buy that land,  to dream of that home and fireplace even though it’s now in Scotland on a remote island and not in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming!  I took a picture as our call finished of the Langwell sunset…just for Fi!

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